Participation in Invited Talks

In recent months, several significant invited talks have been delivered by notable speakers, showcasing advancements and discussions in various technological and educational fields. These events have ranged from cutting-edge technology presentations to in-depth educational discourses, addressing current trends and future directions. They have covered diverse topics such as agile methodologies, cognitive cloud-edge management, sustainable development goals, and the latest innovations in data security. These talks have played a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge and fostering innovation across various sectors by providing platforms for experts to share their insights, engage with audiences worldwide, and encourage collaborative learning and problem-solving. By bridging the gap between theoretical advancements and practical applications, these talks have not only educated attendees but also inspired new ideas and initiatives that drive progress and growth in both technology and education.


item  Partners  Dissemination activity  Date  Location 
1 RHT Cork Tech Talk (IBM Offices) 26/02/2024 IBM Cork (IE) Ireland
2 RHT AC3 — Agile and Cognitive Cloud-Edge Continuum Management 02/02/2024 Online – Medium
3 RHT Lunchtime Learning – AC3 in Detail 19/03/2024 Waterford, Ireland
4 UCM The role of universities in the Sustainable Development Goals: teaching innovation and significant experiences 23-25/10/2023 Madrid, Spain
5 ION Presentation on AC3 Project and IDSA 29/04/2024 Online – Medium
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